A Nurse's Perspective

A Nurse's Perspective

by Mario Boucher

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has changed the way we live with, many of us working from home for safety reasons. Workers on the front lines of this pandemic who know first-hand the sacrifices needed in 2020.

In talking with Jochen Strack, a nurse at a San Gabriel clinic and hospital, I learned about teamwork in clinics and the importance of wearing masks against COVID-19.

The role of a nurse changed drastically in March when the pandemic hit North America.  

“As a nurse, I studied up on the best practices for treating Covid-19 patients,” said Strack. “I have had to be prepared to have to float from my cardiac surgery unit to a Covid-19 unit. I visited a couple of times, and I was very impressed by the incredible teamwork there.”

Closer to home, Strack has been unable to see his parents, who are also separated by the pandemic.

“At home, I have had to cancel two visits to my parents,” said Strack. “And my dad has been despondent because for months he wasn't able to visit his wife, who is in a nursing home with Alzheimer's.”

The importance of wearing a mask cannot be understated.

“As one nurse in an article in the LA Times in July put it: If you want to receive the best care when you are sick, then wear a mask and keep a six-feet distance so that those who will care for you are not overwhelmed themselves by too many Covid-19 cases,” said Strack.

“Everyone who can, should wear a mask out of respect for others for their health as well as for our ability to reopen businesses,” said Strack. “The suffering from the lockdown has been huge, and by wearing masks, we help businesses we cherish like barbers and restaurants. Image living in a town without restaurants to go to, no movie theaters, no musical events, no barbers---wear a mask.”

Is there a difference between a cloth mask and a surgical mask?

“Cloth masks and surgical masks (those masks that are typically blue on the outside and white on the inside) are very similar and only protect the other from me possible infecting them with (COVID-19) virus I may have but not even know that I have it,” said Strack.

“The surgical mask does a better job at that and also provides fundamental protection for the wearer,” said Strack. “But only an N95 and KN95 masks will protect the wearer, and even then, only if the N95 is fitted well and does not openings between the mask and the face where the virus could get in.”

To make sure you stay safe, wear a mask that offers the best protection (link to product page).

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